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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing will enhance your home or place of work and have a long life span. Our roofing company will provide you with the roof you have always wanted, hassle-free. For more information on the perfect roofing solution for your home, give us a call!

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Installing Metal Roofing

Metal roofs last longer than any other roof. Properly installed, a metal roof will last over 50 years. A strong storm; however, can cause damage. Sometimes the sealant used to close the gap between pipes and roofing can come loose. We repair and install all types of metal roofs. However the problem came to be, as a roofing contractor, we will fix your roof. Properly maintained, these roofs will be trouble free. That is why we will make sure that you have a maintenance plan set up. We can also do a fresh install. If you would like to make the upgrade to metal roofing, we got you covered. We will take the time to understand you and your concerns in order to give you the roofing that you deserve. If you are in need of repair or if you want to install metal roofing, call us now and we will get you covered in no time.

As a roofing contractor, we will work on private homes and places of work. One of the great things about metal roofing is that they come in a variety of colors and shapes. No matter the color you prefer, we got you covered. Whatever the style, no problem, we can do it. We will provide you with a roof that matches your home, your office. No longer are you forced to settle on a couple of options. We can create your ideal roof in your ideal color. Metal roofing is a perfect fusion of functionality and polish. Contact us today to get your project started!

Commercial Metal RoofThe durability of metal roofing reduces the need for repair. Traditional roofing has to have major repair work every ten years. Metal roofs save you money on repair bills. It will also save you the headaches that come with repair work. Nowadays, metal roofs have reflective properties. By reflecting sun rays, homes are cooler in the summer months. Cooler homes will lower utility bills. Did you know that much of the metal in metal roofs is recycled? Unlike their counterparts, metal roofs do not crack, shrink or erode. They are better able to deal with extreme weather, too. They are better at resisting hailstorms and even wildfires. We think you will agree that this type of roofing is a great choice! Contact us for a free estimate!

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

One of the more efficient types of metal roofing is the standing seam. In fact, most of the homes that use this type of covering have standing seams. As you know, traditional roofing has seams that are flat. These flat seams attract moisture. Over time, these moist areas give way to leaks. With a metal roof, the seams are vertical. There is no place for moisture to accumulate. In addition, this type of roofing has fewer seams. Standing seams also prevent solar heat gain. This will keep your house cooler in the summer months. To find out more information on this type of roof covering, give us a call!

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We do metal roofing in Winter Park, Windermere, Doctor Phililips, and nearby areas.