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New Roofs

There are many types of new roofs on the market. Our roofing services cover the gamut and we'll go over all the many exciting options with you. This is a great chance to add a little personality to your home, so give us call!

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New Roof Installation

When you think about it, your roof goes through a lot. Your roof is working for you every day, all day. For the normal roof, over time, the weather will create problems. Did you know the average home needs a new roof every ten to fifteen years? As a roofing contractor, we will provide you with a new roof. We can upgrade your existing roof. We can replace your existing roof. We also provide new roofs for new construction. Our roofing company provides new roofs for private homes and places of work. For many homes in our area, the lifespan of the existing roof is nearing the end. We believe that each home, each place of work is special. We will take the time to understand your property and your concerns. We will provide you with options within your budget. Do not wait until you have major crisis, call us now to get a free estimate on the new roof you need!

Installing roofs require a lot of know how. The most popular kinds—asphalt, slate and tile, flat, metal, and green—have many subtypes. Each type has its own distinct features. As a roofing contractor, we have to know these features. Flat roofs have to be water tight when they are installed. Even then, they require a lot of maintenance. Slate roofing, on the other hand, is very expensive and can last up to 100 years. Both slate and metal roofing come in a variety of colors. Metal roofing is lightweight and very durable.Residential home with a new roof. Installing a metal roof requires a high degree of know how. Understanding these features is what allows us to do a top notch job. Which roof is right for you? What is your budget? What are you looking for in a new roof? Whatever your need, give us a call. We will present you with a roof that brings out the best in your home.

A roof can say a lot about the home. A quality new roof enhances the overall look of the house. If your house is up for sale, it tells the buyer that this house is cared for. They can rest assured knowing that there will not be any leaks, mold, or water damage. A roof is one of the first things an inspector will see when looking over the house. The overall look and safety will add value to the home. Though many of us do not think of the roof when we are upgrading our homes, it is certainly one of the most important upgrades you can do.

Roofing Company

We have been serving our community for years. We are proud of the word of mouth reputation we have worked hard to earn. We will give you the best service for the best price. We even offer a financing option to help ease the stress. If you are a home or business owner, we have got you covered. As a roofing contractor, we pay attention to detail so you do not have to. Call us and let us set you up with the roof you deserve.

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We do new roofs in Winter Park, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, and surrounding cities.