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Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber roof coatings are the best way to protect your flat roof. Our roofing services will enhance the quality of your home or business’s roof with the best sealant on the market. Contact us today to protect your investment.

Worker spraying a rubber roof coating on top of building in Winter Park.Rubber roof coatings
Extra protection from the elements
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Rubber Roof Coatings for Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof, having a rubber roof coating is important. Flat roofs are a great low cost solution, especially on commercial structures. They are still the most energy efficient roof. However, they do require a lot of maintenance. Standing water, such as after a rain, debris and heat are hard on your flat roof. Did you know that a flat roof has to be resealed every few years? That is why if you have a flat roof, having a rubber roof coatings is important. Rubber roof coatings will lower the temperature of your unit. This will lower the energy bill. Also, rubber does not require a lot of maintenance. When they begin to show signs of wear, another coat can be applied instead of a whole new roof! It is also very durable. Give us a call to ensure your roof is protected!

EPDM is one of the best rubber roof coatings you can buy. It can withstand extreme temperatures. Because only one coat is needed, it is quicker to apply. The moment it is being laid down, it is waterproof. EPDM does not need time to dry. This rubber roof coating can be used on almost any surface. Unlike other rubber compounds, EPDM will expand and contract according to the seasons. This rubber will not crack. Best part of it is, EPDM is cheaper than other rubber roof coatings! Is your roof not perfectly sloped? No problem. EPDM can be used on changing surfaces. We can even apply it to a vertical plane. Because your roof deserves the best, a roofing contractor, like us, will get the job done right the first time.

Protective Roof Coatings

Newly sprayed roof coating on commercial building.

A protective coating on your roof is seamless. When installed correctly, you significantly reduce the chance for roof leaks. It also prevents cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter from leaking outside. Harmful rays emitted from the sun are kept outside the building. Rubber roof coatings can add 25 years to the service life of a roof. Because they can deflect sun rays, your building will be cooler. Because it comes in a variety of colors, rubber roofs can enhance the overall look of the home. When it comes to protecting your roof, call the best in the business, call us!

Whether your needs are private or commercial, we have you covered. As a roofing contractor, we know all types of rubber roof coatings; we can take care to understand your environment. Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to do some of the maintenance? No problem, we are happy to oblige. We can maintain your building or teach the homeowner how to do it yourself. We want you to have your roof just the way you want it. Do not hesitate to call us, the roofing experts today!

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